Playdough Time!

Smiths take our playdough time VERY seriously…(or at least Ben does) So far he’s done a great job of impressing Lucy with his creations!(Elmo was the winner…)



We’ve been enjoying the cooler summer temperatures in the backyard with a new “painting station!” This is one of Lucy’s first pieces…a very abstract impressionistic piece which she calls “Six Dinosaurs.”  (Also, I think this girl’s body will just always refuse to tan? Sorry Lu.) 🙂

Grandma/pa Camp…and a getaway for Mom and Dad!

Grandma/pa camp was a success (year #2!) Although Lucy got sick for 1 out of the three days….

After (mostly) recovering, she went horseback riding with grandma! Although it doesn’t look like it from the photo, she was so excited about it…and hasn’t stopped talking about “Romy the Horse” since we’ve gotten back to CA. Also a big hit at camp: the playhouse and her BBQ!Ben and I got to escape for three nights in Boone and Asheville NC. We ate SO much good food, and got to spend an incredible day exploring the Biltmore Mansion as well!

Week TWO in Virginia

Lots of time spent on the boat! (We love seeing those blue skies, and clear water!)And everyone did a bit of wake-surfing! Such a fun sport!Lucy got to help Grandpa drive the boat…she preferred speed “FAST”.(wears a girl out!)Bowling on our last day!
These guys LOVE sports! 😉 High-fives all around!And making some yummy pumpkin muffins. Lucy was an expert scooper: not a single drip out of the tin! 

Week One in VA

Welcome to Virginia…nothing like relaxing after a long plane flight with a nudey-soak in the “turtle tub”Little guy got a pic too. 🙂 (25 weeks in Mom+Dad’s backyard!)Such a treat to see some RAIN while we were there. (Little Lucy was so confused…)Pool time at the Martha! Always a treat!We went out to the property at the lake, to do a little bit of corn harvesting!
These two do NOT mess around with their garden…
Relaxing on the boat!(Piper discovered that life vests can be used for dogs too…) 🙂Fresh from the garden! (and eaten right on the lake!)LOVE auntie KKTrying out the farm-fresh corn…and not sure of how to use the corn-holders. (whoops!)Lucy has quite the little playground and playhouse setup at Grandma and Grandpa’s new lake house! Ben+Lucy catching a sunset on the dock.And no trip is complete without the HIKE up the hill from Grandma’s backyard garden!

Woodworking in Virginia

We had a fabulous trip out to the East Coast, and started off our two weeks with a visit to the woodworking tent at the Highland’s Festival! (when your grandma was a woodworking major- you take those hammers VERY seriously) 🙂


So, Lucy broke her crib over the weekend. (whoops!) Yes…she was doing a bit of jumping when it happened. But, it was also a hand-me-down crib, and she was the 5th (large) child to sleep in it over the last 13 years. I’d say it had a good run.

In the meantime, we’re experimenting with her new “floor bed.” The first night was a little rough, just because she kept rolling out, and couldn’t figure out how to get back on…(even though it’s only 5 inches off the ground) 😉 But after we built her a wall of pillows and furniture around the bed, she’s been doing great.

Today I spied on her during nap time..and even though there was a lot of singing and playing going on- she was still on her bed! (Although, she had decided to pull a few books off of her shelf to cuddle up with for nap.) Can’t imagine that being too comfy…silly girl!

Stern Grove Festival

We try to make it up to the city at least once every summer, to enjoy one of the free concerts at the Stern Grove Festival! 

It was an unusually hot+sunny day in the city! (gotta double-hat for protection…or just to be cool?)

We had a delicious picnic lunch, provided mostly by uncle Tommy. (nice work, Tom!)
Nothing wears a girl out like an afternoon of live music, sunshine, and dancing.

b-day baloons

Our little friend “Brookie Cookie” turned 1..and had a cookie party at the park! I love these three pictures…and Lucy’s totally candid balloon joy. 🙂

The birthday girl!

Nothing’s quite as tasty as a Brookie-Cookie!….YUM!!!!