Wrestle time with Dad!IMG_8140 IMG_8136(who sometimes looks like a scary hobo in our livingoom…?)



Oh my- how is it possible for a hairstyle to age your child so much!??!IMG_8133 IMG_8134 (doesn’t she look like a tiny secretary? Always so hard at work, this one…)

1 More Christmas…

Ben and I started a sweet tradition on our first Christmas, of having a private Christmas celebration with just the two of us once all the bustle of holiday travel is over. I make danish pancakes, and he makes special omlettes…and then we open the gifts that we’ve bought for each other. This year Lucy got to join in on the fun (I think last year she mostly slept and/or drooled through the whole celebration) 🙂IMG_8106 aebleskivers!


Beach and birthday

Even though California has mild winters, I was totally shocked by the BEACH weather we had while in Florida at Christmas!


I also celebrated my 29th(!!) birthday while we were in Florida, and Aunt Mary generously watched Lucy for us, so Ben and I could have a date-night! We went to the tastiest tapas restaurant, which specialized in ceviche! Yum!IMG_7970(Lucy is easily won over by licks of watermellon candies) 😉

IMG_8081 at the Salvador Dali museum for mom’s bday!

Matchy-matchy with Auntie Mary!IMG_8085

Christmas Day

We were so fortunate to be able to spend Christmas day with BOTH sides of our family! Both sets of grandparents, siblings, cousins, great-grandma, and 1 baby! Unfortunately….Lucy woke up with a tummy bug, and spent the whole day either throwing up or sleeping. (I think 4 days of running around Disneyland and licking everything in sight finally caught up to her?)

We were out to breakfast Christmas morning, and had to find a drain for Lucy to throw up in….(that’s reality!) IMG_7959

Then a 1-hr car ride to great-grandma’s house for Christmas dinner! (poor green-baby in the back)IMG_7957

This was pretty much all Lucy did on Christmas. (Poor girl!)IMG_7961

Luckily we stayed with Ben’s family in Bradenton for a whole week, so we were able to give Lucy a bit of a re-do Christmas, and lots of sweet memories with family! (she charmed them all!)IMG_8074 IMG_8066 IMG_8095


Magic Kingdom!

Our last day in the park for family-christmas was spent at the Magic Kingdom…and Lucy definitely caught onto the magic. She got to meet Mickey, see the Main Street light show, and has not stopped talking about “Mickey Mouse!!” since we’ve gotten home.IMG_7940 IMG_7904 IMG_7896 IMG_7919

Hollywood Studios!

Not a lot of pictures from this day…but it was our one “late night” in the park with Lucy. She went crazy around 8:00 pm, and our normally-cautious little girl turned into a party animal! (I think all of the fake “snow” and the Christmas lights were contributing to the excitement)


IMG_7852 IMG_7936 IMG_7937

(ok, so she looks half-asleep in this picture, but I PROMISE she was having the best time!)


Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom may have been Lucy’s favorite park- so many REAL animals to look at! (And the Finding Nemo show totally spooked her…in a good way??)IMG_7789







IMG_7830Brushing Grandma’s hair after a long day at the park….

IMG_7836 More hair brushing , back at the hotel. (Lucy found her new hobby)IMG_7837


We spent the Christmas Holidays in Florida with family- and were blessed with 5-day park passes from my parents! (Merry Christmas!!!) I was wondering if Lucy may be a little too young to fully appreciate the Disney magic, but nope: she had the time of her life.

Here’s a few photos from  our day at Epcot!IMG_7730 IMG_7723 IMG_7932 IMG_7741 IMG_7781 IMG_7756 IMG_7764 IMG_7765

All Day Long

This girl LOVES her baby-doll stroller, and spends hours pushing up and down the hall. (Since this photo has been taken, we’ve actually had to ban the stroller in the house, because we’ve decided it’s probably way too annoying for our downstairs neighbors) Sorry Luce! Now the stroller is a special outdoor-treat!?IMG_7713