The Luckiest

Her own personal in-home artist…Lucky Lucy.IMG_3767


Little Red Shoes

IMG_3740Not quite big enough for them yet…but she loves to try them on.

Girl’s Weekend in TX

IMG_3386 Lucy and I flew to TX for a little girl’s weekend in Galveston. (This trip marked Lucy’s 14th airplane trip! Talk about a frequent flier…..!)

IMG_3399 Lucy meets Cody, he new bff.

IMG_3400 Giant yellow Labs may be her new favorite thing….

IMG_3404 And Pritzy too. Of course.

IMG_3417 A baby’s best friend.

IMG_3426 The beach was a little hot and humid for our personal preference. (We got spoiled on Hawaii beaches!) But the beach house was awesome! And Lu cooled off with some tub-swimming.

IMG_3445 And Lucy became the youngest member of our little bachelorette-weekend! Celebrating Nat’s upcoming wedding!!

IMG_3448 IMG_3450Linda and Lucy bonded at the soda fountain. (A relationship that was sealed when Linda let her eat some of her chocolate icecream….)

IMG_3456 Hanging out with the ladies…and a remote. Life doesn’t get much better.

IMG_3463 Front-seat driving in the golf-cart! (thrilled by no carseat!!)

IMG_3469 IMG_3480Beach selfies. And a bottle.

IMG_3496 Getting some practice in for those much-needed walking skills…

IMG_3520 Lounging with Pritz and Linda.

IMG_3646Learning about life love (and the Bachellorette) from Jill.

IMG_3643Completely wiped out from girl’s weekend. It’s a rough life being a lady! (Especially when you have to stay out until 10pm to celebrate a bride-to-be.) Thanks for being such a trooper LucyLu!

IMG_3666And researching how to open a Southwest Credit Card, for two free flights…this girl is ready to go back and party some more!


It’s been a busy month! (too busy to blog about Lucy’s latest adventures, that’s for sure…and there have been a LOT!)

We ended the month of June with a trip to Hawaii with some of our good friends from Church- 9 couples, and soooo many babies!

IMG_2874Lucky kid…only a year old, and she’s been to Hawaii TWICE!

IMG_2888Two peas in a pod. Love their airplane reading-time.



IMG_2929Loving the views and the pool!


IMG_2982Vacations are always better when you can share your pajamas and get up to mischief with your bestie: Baby James!



IMG_3004So relaxing…everyone loves the beach…

IMG_3025Busy in the sand!

IMG_3030SO many babies!!


IMG_3059Sandy selfies. 🙂 🙂

IMG_3078Exploring the Four Seasons with Kate…(and doing some celebrity sighting: Bill and Giuliana Rancic!)


IMG_3096Finding the tiny baby-loungers and cabanas!

IMG_3122EPool-side Eukelele serenades

IMG_3149TThe tiniest baby of the trip: Kenna!

IMG_3167Sunset date.

IMG_3173Testing out the hammock. (

IMG_3220Visiting our honeymoon spot…three years later, with a baby!!

IMG_3227And back home after a magical week of sunshine and friends!