Lucy’s Favorite Book

11 months old. Reading with mom.


Bannana Bath

You’ve heard of breakfast in bed…but what about breakfast in bath?ImageImageImageThis is definitely a 5-star camp experience. My only fear about leaving Lucy at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for 2 weeks is that she’ll expect this type of treatment when she gets home! 🙂


Flying to Grandma+Grandpa Camp!

Lucy and I flew out to Virginia on Monday morning, to drop her off for her first summer of camp at Grandma and Grandpa Bourquin’s house!

ImageThis is Lucy’s 9th airplane trip! (Good thing she still flies for free!)

ImageFlying pro.

ImageGetting in a little pre-flight reading time…

ImageEnjoing her last moments of unlimited leg-space…

ImageAnd of course, the most IMPORTANT pre-flight ritual: finding her inner-zen. 😉


11 Months


Our sweet Lucy June is 11 months old! She’s full of spunk and has the funniest little personality. This month she has discovered books, and is completely enthralled with reading them. (Literally, she will spend an hour reading to herself with a pile of board books.) It’s the best!

And this month’s photo-shoot was assisted by Auntie KK, who was in town! (And also picked a few daisies from the neighbors yard.) Thanks for the donation… 😉

ImageEvery baby needs a little baton, right?

ImageDeep thinker.

ImageChecking out the daisies…

ImageGetting a sniff…

ImageThinking about it….

ImageHe loves me. He loves me not.

Image(Praying that “he loves me”..?)

ImageSilly girl.


ImageImageAnd it wouldn’t be a photoshoot without a little “square-face” – Lucy’s trademark.