2 year checkup

Lucy’s stats from her 2-year checkup:

Weight- 29.2 lbs (79 percentile)

Height- 35.25 in (85 percentile)

Body Mass Index- 16.52 (53 percentile)

And her favorite part of the appointment? Finding a little play house in the waiting room where she could do some private coloring. 🙂IMG_1210


First Balloon.

Not sure how it happened…but we realized Lucy has never had a balloon before!IMG_1010 IMG_1009  (clearly worth the wait though…) 🙂


This marked our 5th trip to Hawaii…(WHAT!? How did that even happen!?) Ben and I went to the Big Island for our honeymoon, and both of us remember wondering if we’d ever be back. Little did we know we were starting a new tradition of yearly visits! Now that Lucy is 2 (and we’ll have to buy her a ticket) it will be interesting to see if we can keep this tradition going…

Our pro-traveler getting to stretch her legs at the airport, after 6 hours on the plane. Freedom! Palm trees! Welcome to paradise little lady!IMG_0766

Lucy no longer sleeps on planes….so this was definitely a long day for her. As soon as we got into the rental car, she crashed…hard! I think she was too tired to fully shut her eyes!IMG_0772

Koi pond at the hotelIMG_1181

Hello ocean! (goodbye cruise ship…)IMG_1182

Dipping our toes on the first night in Hawaii IMG_1185

LOVED this pool! IMG_0778

Taking a quick ocean walk…IMG_1186

In the hotel lobby. (they gave Lucy this free bucket- which was a huge hit on the trip…and now has become a staple part of bath time.) IMG_0793

Nothing like that golden Hawaii sunshine!!DSC_0159


Trying out the slide…DSC_0182

Not so sure…DSC_0183

And, not a fan. 🙂 (whoops!)DSC_0185






Pool-side snacksIMG_0809

Lucy does her first helpful thing on vacation: throwing away her own diaper. 🙂IMG_0817

Watching a little hula show on the hotel’s front lawn.IMG_1187

Hang loose!!IMG_1188

Where Lucy spent 99% of this trip: on the top two steps of the pool. It was glorious! She was as happy as could be…and I got to get through THREE books while sitting by the pool!DSC_0237 DSC_0233 DSC_0240

Swim adventures with Dada!DSC_0243 DSC_0253

Contemplating having to leave the pool… 😉DSC_0257 DSC_0267 DSC_0281 DSC_0293 DSC_0295

“stand-up” tricks on the beach!DSC_0302 DSC_0303 IMG_1174

Eating some of Kauai’s famous Bubba’s BurgersIMG_0839

(and trying her first giant pickle)IMG_0842

Pool-fun. 🙂IMG_0858 IMG_0859 IMG_0860 DSC_0315 DSC_0318

Lucy calls this swimsuit coverup her “cozy”. As soon as she’d get out the pool she’d immediately ask for “cozy?! cozy?!”DSC_0328

Family pics on the beachDSC_0336 IMG_1176 DSC_0361 DSC_0377 DSC_0378

(was not into posing with the statue. this picture just makes me laugh) 🙂DSC_0379

Pool-side nap. This fancy towel-cabana worked for a three-hour nap! Whooo-hoo!IMG_0877 IMG_0878

Recovering in bed from a little car-sickness….(we tried to drive up to see the Wiamea canyon. Let’s just say we never got there…poor Lu)IMG_0886

Ben coming back from a car-seat cleaning adventure…directly related to the failed Wiamea trip… 😉IMG_0887

On a “treasure hunt” with Ben in the poolIMG_0891

Best family selfie to date.IMG_0915

So relaxing! IMG_1193

I think we ate at least one hamburger a day. (Ben says we took a “burger-tour” of the Island.) 🙂 IMG_0920IMG_0924 IMG_0932

And that’s a wrap! An awesome week of sunshine and water and quality family time. We hope to be back!

This was Lucy’s window on the flight home. The staff on the airplane was so impressed they wanted to take a picture of it. (very nautically inspired) 🙂 IMG_1194

Family Beach day

Some days you just need to play a little hooky, and skip out on all your Monday responsibilities to head to the beach! IMG_0617 IMG_0621 IMG_0631 IMG_0637 IMG_0641 IMG_0648 IMG_0653 IMG_0649 IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173

(not pictured are the fish&chips and giant bowls of clam chowder we ate afterwards…yummmm.)

Our good eater…

This kid has yet to meet a fruit, veggie or nut she didn’t like. Here she’s trying plain grapefruit for the first time…and loved it! (Also she’s currently obsessed with hard boiled eggs and pine nuts. A real foodie) 🙂IMG_0566

And of course she’ll always go for a bowl of icecream…IMG_0581

Baby Sam!

After 9 long months…this little guy has finally joined the big world! (And we were so excited to get to meet him)IMG_0544 IMG_0549

Doesn’t it look like we could just be his parents?IMG_0550

(Ok, fine. I guess Josh and Kate can keep him…)IMG_0554

Lucy definitely looks unsure about the new baby situation. Watch out girly…you’ll be getting one of those soon! 🙂IMG_0548

Lucy’s Baptism

It was so special to be able to have Lucy Baptized by Grandpa Ken in Princeton, at the church he started over 30 years ago! We had over 40 family members and friends from all over the country there to celebrate with us.IMG_0499

(not super thrilled about the process….Oh Lucy.)IMG_0496 IMG_0488 IMG_1158 IMG_1161

Four generations of wonderful ladies!IMG_0504 IMG_0503 IMG_0500