The End of a…blog

Well, it looks like I’ve hit my maximum data limit on the blog! (there’s only so many cute photos that the internet can handle!?) So, our Smith blogging adventures are moving over to Tumblr: Hope you keep following along with our adventures. Especially as we add baby-brother to the mix, in just 8 weeks!!


Labor Day labors

We decided to take a trip to Half Moon Bay on Labor Day…but after assessing the traffic, we detoured to Ocean Beach up in the city. (much less crowded!) We had a bit of an adventure when we got our car stuck in the sand…but fortunately we escaped with the help of a good samaritan, and the sand-shovel of a very generous 5 year old boy. 🙂

Then it was time to enjoy the sunshine and sand! Ben gave some very good sand-castle classes, and Lucy was a very eager student.

 (what a cute team, those two…) 🙂

Bunk Update

For the most part, the transition from crib to bed has been eerily-smooth? Lucy hasn’t tried to escape from her room, or get into drawers, or play with her toys…However, she does LOVE the spot under her ladder. Ben and I will watch her on the monitor, standing under the ladder for up to two hours! The other day, we found her actually asleep under the ladder. Such a funny spot to be so obsessed with!

The Gliders

When Lucy was born, our biggest mistake as new parents was probably NOT purchasing a glider. This time around…we are doubling-down, with not one…but TWO gliders! (Thanks to Craigslist and a sweet church member who gave us her used one!) Even though there’s no new baby in the house yet, those gliders are already getting put to good use. Lucy and Ben enjoy morning snuggles, and Lucy and “Rosie” practice for when Baby brother shows up. 🙂

New Bunk!

After Lucy’s crib broke a few weeks ago- she had been sleeping on her old crib mattress on the floor. However, we decided to see if she could manage sleeping in her bunk…and the transition was flawless! she loves her cozy little space. Here she is waking up after her first night in her new bed!

Big Girl Swings!

Such a funny one, our Lucy girl….She has been terrified of the baby swings since the time she was 11 months old (so, almost a year and a half?) Then the other night she decided she wanted to try the “big girl swings” – and has been absolutely obsessed with them ever since!
If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about our little lady- it’s that she’ll do everything…but only in her own time. (and definitely in her own way)