True Talent

True talent is all about the tongue…IMG_7603


Rainy Days

California has been in the middle of a terrible and long drought….so I’m not complaining about the rain! (however, things on our street are getting a little out of control!) Bad city planning means way too much water is supposed to flow into the two drains at our intersection, and our little street floods really easily. So- Lu and I are making the most of our “rained-in” Thursday…with some indoor fort building!

IMG_7483 IMG_7489 IMG_7480 IMG_7497 IMG_7499 (and of course, lots of books)

Park Date

Lucy and her friend Katherine had a little park-date, and Katherine let Lucy borrow her awesome pink pom-pom hat. (it was a little chilly outside)

Lucy has NEVER let me keep a hat on her head, but something about this hat was just incredible, and she insisted on wearing it the entire hour!IMG_7373 IMG_7364 IMG_7341 IMG_7351 IMG_7356