Week One in VA

Welcome to Virginia…nothing like relaxing after a long plane flight with a nudey-soak in the “turtle tub”Little guy got a pic too. 🙂 (25 weeks in Mom+Dad’s backyard!)Such a treat to see some RAIN while we were there. (Little Lucy was so confused…)Pool time at the Martha! Always a treat!We went out to the property at the lake, to do a little bit of corn harvesting!
These two do NOT mess around with their garden…
Relaxing on the boat!(Piper discovered that life vests can be used for dogs too…) 🙂Fresh from the garden! (and eaten right on the lake!)LOVE auntie KKTrying out the farm-fresh corn…and not sure of how to use the corn-holders. (whoops!)Lucy has quite the little playground and playhouse setup at Grandma and Grandpa’s new lake house! Ben+Lucy catching a sunset on the dock.And no trip is complete without the HIKE up the hill from Grandma’s backyard garden!


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