A Visit to Silver Tree!

Not everyone’s dad is so cool that they create magical online characters! (So, we made a quick visit to Silver Tree to introduce Lucy to the land of Cordy and Sleepy JackIMG_4765 photo 2 photo 3(and climb the stairs. Of course.)

Books and Coffee

Sometimes Lucy and I take mid-week park dates (and bring along books for baby and a coffee for mom.)


IMG_4742 IMG_4747 IMG_4748This week Lucy stole a sip (of my UNSWEETENED iced coffee) and liked it!??! I think that means she’s a true Smith 🙂

Beach Date

Lucy and I were having a bit of a rough week…stuffy noses, cutting teeth, and cranky baby. So, we loaded up the car and headed to the beach! Nothing like a breezy pacific afternoon to put you in a better mood!

IMG_4615 IMG_4624 IMG_4651 IMG_4658 IMG_4664 IMG_4667 IMG_4671 IMG_4678 IMG_4684 IMG_4690 IMG_4610 IMG_4611Also, it didn’t hurt that this beautiful beach-front restaurant was a TACO BELL!?! So Lucy and I lunch-dated over some tacos. Love a cheap date. 🙂

A Day at the Museum

We took a family trip to the Stanford University art gallery last weekend, and Lucy was enthralled. She would keep signing “more” in front of her favorite paintings. Her top two: Picasso and Sargent. (pretty good taste, kid)

IMG_4502Looking at “The Thinker”…and thinking about it.



IMG_4513Abandoned in her jogging stroller in the middle of art. Character building.

IMG_4504Lucy picks her nose, while the oil portrait behind her looks on with judgey-face.





IMG_4507Lucy remembers her trip to Yosemite! (Take me back, Dad!!)

IMG_4508Lucy’s second-favorite painting at the museum. We had to keep coming back to visit this one (because she would sign “more!more!”


IMG_4489At the “Gates of Hell” – where everyone should take their baby. Right?

IMG_4494Lucy didn’t sign “more” for this one….