So, Lucy broke her crib over the weekend. (whoops!) Yes…she was doing a bit of jumping when it happened. But, it was also a hand-me-down crib, and she was the 5th (large) child to sleep in it over the last 13 years. I’d say it had a good run.

In the meantime, we’re experimenting with her new “floor bed.” The first night was a little rough, just because she kept rolling out, and couldn’t figure out how to get back on…(even though it’s only 5 inches off the ground) 😉 But after we built her a wall of pillows and furniture around the bed, she’s been doing great.

Today I spied on her during nap time..and even though there was a lot of singing and playing going on- she was still on her bed! (Although, she had decided to pull a few books off of her shelf to cuddle up with for nap.) Can’t imagine that being too comfy…silly girl!


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