Easter Morning

Nothing as cute as a little lady in her flannels! DSC_0158 DSC_0187 DSC_0168 DSC_0173 DSC_0174 DSC_0175

Lucy’s favorite easter gift was a little storybook containing the Easter story. We have read it EVERY day…(two months later!) And she’s even invented a little song to go along with the illustrations. It’s much cuter to hear her sing it, but it goes like this:

“Uh oh, Judas!…Pontious Pilate…Mary crying…Jesus ALIVE!”

IMG_0204He is risen!


Easter-egg hunt!

Burgess Park hosts a giant easter-egg hunt for all of Menlo Park- and this was our first (and maybe last?) year to attend! HUNDREDS of tiny swarming children collecting eggs, and lots of candy-induced meltdowns. Oh my! IMG_0130 IMG_0140 IMG_0146 IMG_0174(This picture is definitely a dose of real life. M&M stained white dress, tears, and sweet Gracelynn wondering what in the world is wrong with Lucy) 🙂

The Easter Bunny

Lucy was psyched about the bunny…until she realized they were going to be touching. IMG_9983

But hangouts with Katherine and Gracelyn in the Stanford Flowers helped Lucy forget about the bunny trauma. 🙂IMG_0030 IMG_0035 IMG_0052 IMG_0055 IMG_1391 IMG_1306

Mr John.

Starting at age…6months? Lucy has had the funniest little crush on our friend John. She used to make flirty-eyes and give him big smiles when she was just a baby…and now she insists on drawing pictures of him in her little notebook. The other day I caught her staring at this page…and delicately coloring in John’s ears. Ooooh Lucy….what a funny funny child.IMG_9918 IMG_9920

Visting Auntie KK and Uncle J!

A little bit of pre-plane coloring time…IMG_9585

Uh …snow???IMG_9609 IMG_9626

Auntie KK took us to an awesome Library!IMG_9634 IMG_9644 IMG_9656

And out to breakfast for pastries!IMG_9674

Lucy bought a tiny pail at the thrift store (along with that awesome plaid-shirt)IMG_9679

And the pail went everywhere with us.IMG_9687

It was a hit.IMG_9686

even in the tub!?IMG_9761

These two ladies were not ready for the cold!! brrrr!!IMG_9829 IMG_9740

But some tasty icecream helped.IMG_9729 IMG_9830 IMG_9746

Selfies with Uncle JIMG_9810

And a whole new set of toys at the church nursery! Thankyou Grandma Mary for staying the Lucy!IMG_9833 IMG_9813

Belly-band. Piano duet.IMG_9818

And bathroom spa and hair-do time with the ladies. 🙂IMG_9845 IMG_9849

IMG_9872(And this is what Lucy’s hair looked like after our two flights home…9 hrs in the air will really do it to ya!)

Tahoe Buddies

We spend a fun weekend in the mountains with some friends (and lots of little buddies!) soaking up the Tahoe Mountain air! We didn’t get any snow- but we did have a lot of sunshine! And beautiful hikes!IMG_9577 IMG_9518 IMG_9534 IMG_9539 IMG_9549

Matt made us the most delicious lettuce-wrap pork dinner. I’m still dreaming about it….IMG_9572

And these lucky kids got to enjoy jacuzzi tub-time by the fire every night!IMG_9506 IMG_9481


The sign of a good weekend…(because this girl NEVER sleeps in cars)IMG_9573


We are making the most of our tiny back “yard”…and someone was so generous to give us their used playhouse, for free! Lucy has been busy keeping her new little house clean and tidy- and making lots of picnic lunches. IMG_9428 IMG_9441 IMG_9444 IMG_9449 IMG_9455 IMG_9458 IMG_9461 You can tell Lucy rarely gets cookies or icecream, because she’s so over-the-top excited with fake plastic ones. Poor deprived child… 😉

On the Phone

Lucy LOVES her tiny fake cellphone. (And we love it too..because somehow it’s taught her all of her numbers? Awesome!)

IMG_9422 texting

IMG_9419 on a call…

IMG_9420(and clearly, whoever is on the other line just won’t stop talking….) 😉