Snack tray!

Lucy’s stroller just got upgraded with a new snack tray. This girl is pimpin’!!



Lunch Date!

Bubble-tea and messy mouth! (Eating at Lu’s Noodles with Dad…our favorite MountainView pho place!)


Pizza Night

A great new pizza place opened in downtown Palo Alto- so Lucy and I kidnapped Dad from work a little early, and enjoyed another Wednesday night date! (And the pizza was delicious…)






(We also learned that fresh Italian pizza makes Lucy reeeeeally chatty.)


Somehow we went through all of Easter Sunday without getting a single family-shot! (Maybe it’s because we got a bit thrown off when Lucy woke up 2 1/2 hours earlier than normal for a nonexistent “sunrise service” that she must have reeeeeally wanted to go to.)


But we still looked cute! Image


And we were able to celebrate with an Easter brunch that included a few friends that were in town. James and Lucy were proudly showing off their Easter-wear.ImageImageImage

Pool Party!


Lucy got to go to her first baby-pool party last Friday. The water was quite the hit…and Lu could finally show off that swimsuit-body she’s been working on all winter.

ImageThanks Tyson for letting us use your pool!


ImageThe pink-hat ladies.

ImageTyson’s girls…(he look pretty pleased about the ratio)

ImageJames wonders why all these fools are getting cold and wet.

ImagePost-pool snacks! (Rebecca is clearly thrilled with her first cracker. Lucy has a toe cramp(?) And James is just happy he managed to stay dry and warm.)

ImageGroup shot!

Image(Nothing tastes quite as good as pool-soaked rubber ducks. Or at least Tyson and Lucy think so.)