Princeton Trip

We spent a wonderful week with family in Princeton this April. It was a sweet time to catch up with relatives, and Lucy was baptized by Grandpa Ken!

Grandpa and Tom picked us up at the Newark airport, and we immediately got a giant Brazilian feast to celebrate our arrival!IMG_1142

The family room was always packed with Smiths!IMG_1144

Baby Lucy and Grandma Lucy…(and a straw bunny)IMG_1143

Cuddle time with the cuggies.IMG_1146

And concert time with the cuggies!IMG_0422

(sweet kisses from Micah)IMG_0427

Puzzles with Jake.IMG_1149

There were lots of concerts with Grandpa’s guitar and cowboy hatsIMG_1150

So fun to walk into a room filled with people we love!IMG_1151

(or to walk around a corner and discover a sweet moment going on…)IMG_0432

It was a chilly week in NJ, but the weather cooperated enough for us to have two nice bbqs!IMG_1152

And Grandma Mary and Grandpa Joel even drove up to visit! IMG_0445

Beautiful day.IMG_1153

Target practice…IMG_1154

Rooftop Flag-wavingIMG_1155

Stickers with Grandma Carol!IMG_1156

Family walks around the neighborhoodIMG_1163

Running at the park!IMG_1164

Watching Sam cross the stream (while Nate wrings out his wet sock) 😉IMG_1165

And balance-logs!IMG_1166

Visiting some Princeton spots. (Ben fell off this statue and busted his lip when he was little) Lucy chose to stay safely in her stroller.IMG_1167

Posing in front of Hamilton’s: where Ben bought my engagement ring!IMG_1168

Sculptures at Princeton UniversityIMG_1169

And Celebrating Grandma Carol’s birthday with a delicious dinner and dessert!IMG_0515

Cordy with Uncle TommyIMG_0522

And beautiful skies!IMG_1170Such a special week!


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