Ikea Trip

Lucy found the GREATEST pillow at Ikea today…a giant sardine!!




Just really nuzzling up to it…mmm. sardine.


Toy Basket

Sometimes the good stuff is at the very bottom…


9 Month Checkup



Lucy is just as sweet and drooly and adorable as ever…and just had her 9-month checkup this week!


Height: 29 inches (91 percentile)

Weight: 20 pounds 2 ounces (79 percentile)

Head: 46.7 Cm (98 percentile)


Lucy is sitting like an old pro, but not too interested in crawling yet…which is great. A few more weeks of sweet freedom before mom and dad have to do a mad dash to baby-proof the house. 🙂 Lucy loves clapping, saying “dadadadada” and watching Elmo (on special occasions). Her favorite hobbies include people watching and “helping” mom cook dinners!

We love you tiny Junebug!